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"The Pillar of Hope, a daughter of the sand. Courageous and proud, she was the only one to dare to encounter the Sphinx which kidnapped their prince. For his release, the creature gave her a riddle to solve :
“I am the light in the shadows and yet I am not visible. I am what makes you move forward in an uncertain journey”.
She found the answer, which enraged the beast. Fearing for her prince, she asked for another challenge. Blinded by her own artifact, she had to cross a dangerous bridge. She smiled. She remembered the riddle and its answer. Without any doubts, successfully reached the prince. There is no place for hesitation… when there’s hope."

-Xante Leon

Hello ladies and gentleman! Here's a brand new track from my EP: Heroes! I hope you will love this compilation of themes around the Pillars of Equestria! :)

This time, we're honoring the Pillar of Hope, Somnambula. I tried different way to reprensent this character and, finally, I went with an "ancient egypt" style. Also, I imagined this track in several parts:
First, outside of the pyramid, admiring the beauty of the desert. Then, inside the pyramid where it's more like a discovery and carefully moving forward.
After that, encounter with the sphinx! Riddle & Cie... and, finally, defeat of the sphinx, liberation of the prince and then the beauty of the sand again.
Hope it makes sense and that you liked the track! :D

I'd like to thank a lot my artist friend Light, who's going to make the artworks of the whole EP - as well as the CD design! Even more, he's also the one who did this incredible animation, so you should definitely keep an eye on his DeviantArt that is linked just below.

Next and last track will be Sorcery and will be released on Youtube on June 15th (June 10th for Patrons).

ALSO, PRE-ORDER ARE NOW OPEN! You can either pre-order the digital version of the EP, or you can pre-order the CD.
There're two choices for the CD: jewel case or jacket. I strongly suggest the jewel case... Light did a great job on it. :p (Lick)
Here the link for pre-ordering (appearing on the upper right of the video too):

Artwork and animation by :iconlight262: /Light
Music by :iconjycrow: / Jycrow

Here's the tracklist with the release date (and, in the future, links) of each track of the EP!

1) STRENGTH:     Heroes EP- Strength - by Light and Jycrow
2) BRAVERY:       Heroes EP- Bravery - by Light and Jycrow
3) HEALING:       Heroes EP-Healing - by Light262 and Jycrow
5) HOPE: You're here
6) SORCERY: (link soon - release on June 15th + EP release)

If you liked this track, you could share and/or like and/or follow and/or subscribe for more if you want! :3


My pages:

Deviant Art:

Have a nice day and stay awesome guys! /)
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websplorer Featured By Owner May 24, 2018
Great job as usual, your style looks amazing and epic :)

"Chevron One, encoded."
"Chevron Two, encoded."
"Chevron Three, encoded."
"Chevron Four, encoded."
"Chevron Five, encoded."
"Chevron Six, encoded."
"Chevron Seven, locked."

I couldn't resist :D (Big Grin)  Pyramids, a giant wheel that looks like a door to the stars, a character ready for adventure, it all reminds me of Stargate.
black-sunn89 Featured By Owner May 19, 2018
looks really eoic
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
X-Force02ranger Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Enderdragongirl11 Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Student Artist
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